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The photograph remains a medium of disconnect; it dislodges our perception of time and space. Set on a pinnacle the photograph balances perilously between the past and present; relying on the viewer to reconcile the disconnect (between past and present) and conjure the photograph from the void of the past. We, the viewers are explorers, tourists, alchemists of time and space.


Through a voyeuristic eye we are ever searching for a place; a place of contradictions, as it not only holds our deepest desires but holds our most inner most fears. Conjured from an anthology memory, myth, imagination and anxiety these places are envisioned illusions of the unconscious. They are constructions of an idyllic, sublime landscape in which presence and absence play a role in creating mysterious narratives. They remain places that are beyond the horizon, out of reach as they are an idealized utopian dream. The word utopia means ‘no-place’ and conceivably these landscapes do not exist outside of imaginative consciousness.


2011 Connect Four, Cherrylion Studios, 27 Apr - 3 May, Atlanta, USA

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