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In 1911 Charles Wilson, a Scottish physicist and meteorologist perfected the Cloud Chamber. The inspiration for the chamber came from his direct observation of misty clouds forming and rolling over the Scottish Highlands. Wilson astonished by the beauty of this natural phenomenon strove to create a simulated environment in which cloud formations could be studied.

Subsequently the chamber revealed traces of sublime spectacles that have been occurring since the dawn of time. Our physiological senses are blind to these spectacles even though they are happening all around us and within us. Wilson through the Cloud Chamber exposed the invisible world of alpha particles, beta particles, gamma rays and x-rays.  Elemental Apparitions is the attempt to render some of these events; flawed in terms of scientific application these abstract images offer a rare glimpse into the invisible realm of particle physics. Furthermore, they speak to an ongoing search for evidence of particles that are beyond physical sight and remain unknown apparitions of the unimaginable and unseen.     


2014 In_docere, Engine Room, Caroline McQuarrie, Jenny Gillam, Kalya Ward, Johanna Mechen, Jonathan Kay, Shaun Waugh, 27 Aug - 8 Sep, Wellington

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