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Plummeting to the deepest, darkest abyss of the ocean. We enter a zone known as the Hadal. Named after the ancient Greek god Hades, god of the underworld, it is an environmental zone of extremes. It is a place of crushing density, cold temperatures and where no sunlight ever permeates its depths. The Hadal and the trenches that lie in it abyss remain a place of the unknown; where imagination and science, history and memory, reality and artifice are all architects of space.


Framing this investigation in the locality of the Hadal, this work explores mythological, scientific and imaginative agents that allow access to concepts of the intangible and unseen. Through photography Into the Hadal explores the dichotomy between objectivity and artifice. Engaging with data visualisation in which the depth data of the photograph has been represented into 3D forms, creating a datascapes that touch on the technological sublime.


2013 Art In The Dark, 7 – 9 Nov, Auckland 

2013 DigiBox, Auckland Art Fair, 7– 31 Aug, Auckland 

2013 Vista - Jonathan Kay and Bridget Reweti, Bartley and Company, 4 – 27 April, Wellington 

2012 M – Master of Design and Fine Arts Exhibition, Massey University, 9 –17 Feb, Wellington 

Copyright Jonathan Kay
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