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Icebound presents a series of works that capture the forms and textures of the Te Moeka o Tūawe/Fox and Haupapa/Tasman glaciers on the west coast of Te Waipounamu. These glaciers play a critical role in our local and global ecosystems. It is their very cyclic movement that allows water to be recycled and redistributed: ice melts, water evaporates, rain and snow falls. Yet, glaciers such as the Te Moeka o Tūawe/Fox and Haupapa/Tasman are now threatened by the effects of climate change. Concerned for the future of these fragile landscapes, Kay’s work asks us to look closely at the glaciers, and to consider their importance. His intensely coloured cyanotypes and microscopic vinyl prints take us onto and inside the ice for a personal encounter with the glacier that is both intimate and astonishingly beautiful. What emerges is a dialogue that speaks of the inextricable yet increasingly difficult connections between human and more-than-human worlds. 

Text by Dr Barbara Garrie, Senior Lecturer Canterbury University.


2022 - 2023 Icebound (solo show), Hastings City Art Gallery, Hastings,

5 Nov – 6 Feb 2023.

Copyright Jonathan Kay
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