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Nothing but Dust attempts to bridge the disconnection between space imagery and our physical existence here on Earth. It is estimated that between 1400 and 2400 tonnes of cosmic dust lands on the surface of the Earth each year. This cosmic dust is so small they are known as micrometeorites and like their larger counterparts meteorites they are some of the most ancient material in our solar system. Nothing but Dust presents the viewer with a range of photographic interventions that engage with this extraterrestrial matter through a series of site-specific investigations. Drawing connections with both local and overseas sites, Nothing but Dust extrapolates this material from its most innocent form as a micrometeorite, to its most catastrophic as a high-velocity meteor.


2017 Nothing but Dust (solo show), Muesum Wellington, Sep - Oct

2016 From the Aether, 30 Upstairs, June, Wellington

2016 From the Aether, Courtenay Light Boxes, April - August, Wellington


2016 From the Aether : Courtenay Place Park light box exhibition / intro by Caroline McQuarrie (curator) essay by K. Emma Ng; artworks and photographs by Jonathan Kay, Bonny Stewart-MacDonald and Shaun Matthews; designed by Jo Bailey

Copyright Jonathan Kay
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