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Care Taking brings together artists Connah Podmore and Jonathan Kay in an exhibition spanning experimental photographic and drawn works that explore ideas of care, labour and time. Comprised of a collection of complementary solo pieces, the exhibition leans into simplicity of repetition as an embodiment of the notion that care based acts of labour are always in progress, never finished, and while we may feel that they amount to nothing, we still undertake them. In drawing together domestic and ecological scenes, Podmore and Kay show us that processual labour is an act of care. When care is continually enacted in the face of often unrelenting repetition, fear and fatigue, it becomes an act of hope and faith that sustains us.

Text by Emily O’Hara, Senior Lecturer, School of Art & Design, Auckland University of Technology.


An essay by Emily O’Hara accompanies the exhibition - you can find it here.


2023 Meanwhile Gallery, 19 October - 4 November

Copyright Jonathan Kay
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