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'Ice Field' engages the framework of scientific ‘fieldwork’, where observation and data collection can provide insights into specific environments. ‘Fieldwork’ as a methodology allows for scientific theories to be tested within real-world environments. 'Ice Field' adopts this concept but employs an artistic approach to create a range of site-specific experiments within glacier environments. The project surveyed two glaciers; Haupapa – Tasman and Te Moeka o Tuawe – Fox. Specifically for this investigation, large-scale photograms were used to test how the methodology of fieldwork could be explored photographically. ‘Ice Field’ uses the photogram process to expose the connection between light-sensitive material and the very structural/sculptural elements that make up the unique landscape of a glacier. The resulting images are a consequence of a reaction between the physical forces; water, ice, and light.


2019 Ice Field, Te Pikitanga, Massey University Library, Wellington, 15 - 30 April

2019 WAI - Manga Maha, Awa Kotahi | One River, Many Streams, Aratoi -Wairarapa Museum of Art and History, Masterton, 30 Mar - 26 May

2018 Ice Field #14, Finalist of The Parkin Drawing Award, Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington 

Copyright Jonathan Kay
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